Frostgrave Beasties I

So what is the next thing you need when playing Frostgrave? Monsters! It’s a flexible and forgiving game thankfully, and the monster roster is BIG across the 9+ expansions, so I’ve been painting up a nice selection to spawn in as required. Starting with Giant Rats, Bears, Boars, some Imps, a Genie, a Giant Worm and a White Gorilla. All of these are metals from the North Star range with a few exceptions..

The Genie is a very quick and rough “conversion” from the (God Awful looking) plastic marauders from GW.

The Imps are from DND Nolzur’s Marvelous Unpainted Miniatures.

And the Giant Worm is from the Sheffield based EMP Games (well worth a look if you’ve never heard of them). You try figure out which end is the mouth.

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