Starting out in Frostgrave

I recently picked up the Frostgrave rulebook to broaden my gaming and painting, away from the standard GW fare. And I’ve found it refreshingly easy to pick up! The North Star miniature range is just beautiful and very 90’s fantasy. A friend is working on his Skaven warband, which can easily fit into this game system and background. Heck, even my wife is collecting buxom female figures to build her warband!

And that is step one for playing Frostgrave, paint a warband! So I’ve painted a variety of infantry to let me mix and match. Beginning with Thieves:

Thieves are pretty basic and importantly, FREE. So should I need some extra bodies to pad out my party, or maybe replace some fallen comrades after a brutal confrontation… then these guys are key. I went with the same colour pallette on all of them, and used the plastic male Soldiers sprue.

Similar to Thieves…. the secondary option for free muscle, is Thugs. So I painted three of those to fill ranks as well:

I again, kept to a similar colour scheme and I had a bit more fun with these. Pick noses and scruffy looking. The guy on the right even has a pet rat on his shoulder and is still finishing his bottle of mead.

With the disposable scum painted, it was time to make some better equipped troops. So that’s light armour, some shields and some Two-Handers, these kinds of soldiers are known as Infantryman and Men-at-Arms:

Now we’re getting somewhere. But where is the REAL muscle? I need some elite troops when I get deeper into the exploration of this deadly city. Time to don Heavy Armour; leading to my Knight and Templar:

With the finish line in sight, I wanted a few less “choppy” options. Some of the Specialist troop types that bring buffs to the warband. So from left to right, there is the Bard, the Pack Mule and finally an Alchemist (made from pieces on the Wizard Sprue):

All these forces certainly aren’t ALL the troops I intend to paint, but give me a lot of great starting options and future expansion. Again, all of these are directly from the North Star miniature range. My last addition to the force would then be the Wizard and Apprentice themselves:

These two were built straight out of the Wizards sprue and I had a lot of fun. I plan to use this as my “Mad Arab” Summoner, bringing in Demonic power to assist in the fights. I didn’t theme the Wizard/Apprentice duo around the rest of the warband, chiefly so that I can have a couple of wizarding duets to swap around, bringing in Elementalists, Sages and Enchanters with unique models that don’t change the entire warband.

On a related note, all the North Star metal figures come on moulded oval bases, which is great for stability, but difficult to get around with modelling. So you’ll have noticed my green stuff cobblestone basing on all the miniatures. A great way to hide the metal bases (albeit a bit tedious to make each time). I have LOVED painting this range and have managed about one new mini a day to the collection, start to finish.

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