Ultramarine Hellblasters and Tartaros

So I’ve continued to beaver away at my pile of dirty comissioned Ultramarines (literally dirty with weathering and all). Out of desperation to ACTUALLY paint my own miniatures. So I stopped procrastinating and spent the last week working hard to clear these off the bench. It’s a pretty good haul of two full Hellblaster squads and a 5 man Tartaros Terminator unit.


The Hellblasters were “hella” easy to paint. Nothing special or different from the tons of regular Primaris I’ve already painted, just with big green glowy guns this time. I went with green for plasma.


As usual, their owner built them with a sergeant, and a second vetern to serve as a second sergeant if he wants to split the unit into two combat squads.


These weren’t the version with the big cable and backpack, so it was LITERALLY just another big ass pile of Intercessors in terms of effort.

The Tartaros Terminator squad however was a first for me. I swapped any I got previously and generally snubbed them since I prefer Cataphractii armour. But I have to admit they were a genuine pleasure to paint. Not overburdened with detail, but chunky enough to look solid and give lots of surface area of fancy painting techniques. Painting these ones made me reconsider adding some to my Word Bearers.


And then finally, I picked out all the sergeants for a better close up shot. I went with the obligatory white right kneepad and Ultra symbol, along with numbers tactical designations on the right pauldron and I’m pleased with how they look all in all


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