First batch of Nod Bikers

After the test model, I put the rest of the Atalan Jackal kit together this weekend, to complete my first gang of Nod Bikers. It’s pretty much all black and red holding them together as a colour scheme and helmet swaps. Everything else in the kit serves it’s purpose perfectly. I just lack any good place to stick a Nod logo.



The quad is a nice little heavy weapon platform, and I wanted to use the torso for another conversion, so I kept the helmet and chest in line with my normal Nod troopers.




Nod Biker test model

I cracked the Genestealer Cult Atalan Jackals kit open this weekend to mess about with it and see what is possible. I had to trawl through a fair few online beardy tactic guides on what would be sensible equipment options. But that didn’t turn out to be necessary. The shotguns looked cool and they’re a better staple option anyway. The models aren’t overburdened with Tyranid icons which is good, so I only had to do a head swap. I greenstuffed a crude visor onto a shaved down Guardsman helmet and needed some more greenstuff to fill in the neckline for the ill-fitted helmet. Then I quickly painted the guy up to see how it would look based purely on the minimal modification and colour scheme. I’m very happy with the result, and VERY happy I traded for 2 boxes of these so I can have a nice big pack of these guys zooming around the board… or ambushing…. or whatever Genestealer tactics dictate.

I slapped some of my brown weathering powder on too for a bit of contrast. The biggest issue with that is it doesn’t match the terrain which is all black/grey ash. But a black soot weathering powder but more black wouldn’t do this guy any favours since it’s black armour on a black bike on black terrain


Tiberium Mutant Test model

I did a trade last week and cleared out a ton of “old” Primaris boxes I was hording but honestly never going to paint. I’m over the Primaris fixation and would rather just avoid the new Space marine lines entirely. So in return I scored a pile of new Genestealer Cult boxes that I’ve wanted to convert up for a while. I’m finally returning to my beloved Brotherhood of Nod project! And the ruleset of a 40K army finally fits with the Brotherhood of Nod. They’re stealthy, infantry heavy, they mine rare resources, they use bikes and buggies… perfect!

The problem is that I have no interest in genestealers and that side of the mutated cult masses… but how about civilian miners mutated by prolonged exposure to the mutating effects of Tiberium? I clipped out one of the Aberrant from my old Overkill boxset and greenstuffed a bit of crystal growth onto his back and I’m pretty happy with the first test model:



Ultra Chaplains

I see light at the end of the tunnel! The end of my current commission batch! Chaplains are always fun to paint since they’re quite characterful and easy to paint thanks to their basic black colour scheme. Plus I fill my Word Bearers army with them.

I hadn’t tried painting the new primaris Chaplain before and it was really simple. They really went heavy with the cloak so you only worry about minimal detail. His “crozier” looks more like a pimp cane too. So fun all around! I noted as I started painting him that the owner forgot to attach his Ultramarine pauldron, so that saved even more work.

And the other chaplain was the limited edition terminator one that GW did a run on about two years ago. On closer inspection, he could easily be wearing modified Tartaros armour, just judging my the back vents and chassis hooding.




Ultramarine Hellblasters and Tartaros

So I’ve continued to beaver away at my pile of dirty comissioned Ultramarines (literally dirty with weathering and all). Out of desperation to ACTUALLY paint my own miniatures. So I stopped procrastinating and spent the last week working hard to clear these off the bench. It’s a pretty good haul of two full Hellblaster squads and a 5 man Tartaros Terminator unit.


The Hellblasters were “hella” easy to paint. Nothing special or different from the tons of regular Primaris I’ve already painted, just with big green glowy guns this time. I went with green for plasma.


As usual, their owner built them with a sergeant, and a second vetern to serve as a second sergeant if he wants to split the unit into two combat squads.


These weren’t the version with the big cable and backpack, so it was LITERALLY just another big ass pile of Intercessors in terms of effort.

The Tartaros Terminator squad however was a first for me. I swapped any I got previously and generally snubbed them since I prefer Cataphractii armour. But I have to admit they were a genuine pleasure to paint. Not overburdened with detail, but chunky enough to look solid and give lots of surface area of fancy painting techniques. Painting these ones made me reconsider adding some to my Word Bearers.


And then finally, I picked out all the sergeants for a better close up shot. I went with the obligatory white right kneepad and Ultra symbol, along with numbers tactical designations on the right pauldron and I’m pleased with how they look all in all


Iyanden Blurs

I manage to squeeze a few non-ultramarine projects in between my normal painting schedule to break up the blue hell that is the commission painting of my mortal enemies.

I still have a few bits of the Eldar lot job to finish painting. Firstly, the jet thing that Eldar use. Crimson Hunter is what Google tells me. With large flat surfaces it was pretty quick to get that one sorted, whilst keeping the jungly vine ruin temple base theme going. And all the Eldar vehicles are now complete! Excuse the poorly lit pictures. I wouldn’t normally paint the cockpit window, but there was no pilot and pretty heavy misting/crystalization from the super glue. Leaving me with little option.


And then to manage all those wraith warriors in my existing Eldar army, I had a farseer that needed painting up. Again, terrible photos, I apologise. These Eldar are just too cartoon bright.


More Warriors of Chaos!

I played another game of Warhammer Fantasy 8th Edition again mid July with the ineffable “Steve”, and his dark influence continues to push me deeper down the path of 8th Edition. It was my Chaos mish mash versus his Empire gunline, and while I got taken apart, I did enjoy having my Lord actually be a badass death monster in combat, instead of an ineffectual loser who forgot to bring an obligatory mount (see Age of Sigmar).

It did inspire my to finish painting the remaining Chaos Warriors I have lying around, and they slap together really nicely. With a little time each evening over the last 5 days, I’ve quickly assembled and painted an extra 24 warriors. I now have the option to run two massive blocks of warriors or three solid gangs with my total of 54 armoured vikings.



Ultramarine Aggressors

The commission continues, but today with 6 Primaris Aggressors. They’re fun models and comfortably chunky. Pretty standard fare for the colour scheme, weathering and red helmed sergeant. Their owner uses them for regular games, so I figured I’d get them completed first so he can take them back for use while I take my time with the ten million Hellblasters he gave me to paint.

All this weathering does give me an itch to do something similar with my Word Bearers, so they look less crappy. I can’t wait to fight these Ultramarine scumbags though.


My cat REALLY loved these things two. I have to do an hourly headcount to ensure she hasn’t stolen one. The only miniature that drew as much of her attention was the Primaris Ancient, thanks to his eminently “grippable” banner.


Ultramarine HQs

The last part of the commission job of Ultramarines (from this first batch at least) was a couple of commanders. Again in the rough and dirty style I’m so unaccustomed to. But I must admit I really liked the Commander, being the more colourful of the two. I was under specific instruction to paint the Librarian in a much darker shade of blue though, so I based with Kantor, then washed with Nuln Black, then a blue glaze and then a purple wash. The whole colouring is so dirty, it’s hard to tell honestly. I wasn’t so keen on the Librarian in the end, but the bastard is done! I’ll finally get to paint some cool stuff like Hellblasters and Reivers next month now.




Ultramarines Commission Troops

I’ve been pretty tied up over the last three months with my new job, and frankly, it’s a blessing to finally be free from working for Games Workshop. I can appreciate the product, whilst being similarly detached from all the things I hated about it as an employee. That said, I still keep close ties with many of my co-workers and consequently pick up a dizzing amount of commission work when I’m bothered, because I frankly enjoy painting “different” stuff. And because it’s my experience that mainstay GW staff are “gamers”, more than “painters”, which has a whole slew of consequential psychological factors… but that’s a different post.

I worked out that I’ve only painted three Ultramarines.. EVER. The first was a defiled, maimed corpse strapped to my Word Bearers rhino. The second was a decapitated and gored corpse on the business end of a Greater Tzeentch demon’s blade. The third was a test model for this commission job, to see if I could… you know… paint an “ultie mawine” without smearing him with daemonic runes and blood. The first batch is troop heavy. Apologies for the pics, but I rushed to capture them before giving them back to their owner. He opted for a weathered, dark and grainier look that I normally opt for, so it was different for me! Plus I actually had to research 2nd Company Ultramarines badges, colouring etc. So we begin with three 5 man squads:





Followed by a 10 man squad:



And 2 Primaris Luietenants:


And a glory shot of the commanding officers from these squads (including “Old Man Valdez” who commands the combat squad when the 10 man group subdivides). You’ll note their suqad numbers on the right pauldron (classic up arrow with a roman numeral inside):



Finally a quick group shot of the whole gang: